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Slip and fall injuries are one type of premises liability claim. You can probably think of times where you have slipped or fallen, for example, on a wet surface, and sustained minor injuries. Of course, most of us can recall a time where we skinned our knee or suffered another similarly minor harm as a result of our own clumsiness. Unfortunately, in some cases, falls are more severe and can lead to life-altering injuries. This is especially true for elderly individuals. Millions of people sustain serious harm as a result of falls, and tens of thousands end up dying from those injuries. If you were hurt in a slip and fall that took place on another person’s property, and you believe your accident was caused because of dangerous conditions or negligence on the part of the owner or manager of that property, speak to an attorney to learn about your options for pursuing a claim and recovering damages.

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Florida Slip & Fall Injuries

Injuries frequently caused by slip and falls include cuts, joint injuries, and harm to ligaments and muscles. Nerve damage, head trauma, spinal cord damage, and broken bones are all also likely to occur because of a slip and fall. As mentioned, some individuals even die from the injuries that are sustained as a result of a slip and fall. Even in the case of injuries that will eventually heal, the medical bills can add up quickly. A hospital visit may cost thousands of dollars, and in the event of surgeries or long-term rehabilitative care, the costs can be in the tens of thousands or higher. Some individuals who suffered severe injuries, such as head trauma, may find themselves unable to perform daily tasks or job-related requirements as a result of those injuries. It is important to seek the compensation you need in order to ensure that you are cared for and that your family is protected. Speak to a Tampa, Florida personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal options.

Slip and fall accidents lead to millions of visits to emergency rooms in the United States every year. Although many accidental falls are minor and lead to only minimal and temporary injuries, others can be devastating and even fatal. In fact, data indicates that slip and falls are the second most common cause of unintentional death in America. Severe slip and fall accidents can also result in debilitating injuries that lead to permanent disabilities or long-term medical care and rehabilitative treatment. Sometimes, slip and fall injuries are the result of dangerous conditions on someone’s property. If you or loved ones sustained an injury caused by hazards on someone else’s property, including a business, assisted living homes, or a private residence, you might be entitled to compensation. To learn more about your rights following a slip and fall incident, contact a Tampa, Florida personal injury attorney. At the Durham Law Group, our lawyers are dedicated to representing individuals injured in the Sunshine State. Call us at 813-333-6250 to learn how we can help you.

Injuries Caused by Slip and Falls

Older adults are more susceptible to many injuries caused by slip and falls. For this reason, many severe slip and fall injuries take place in nursing homes. Slip and falls are the most common accidental injury for older adults.

Brain Injuries

One common injury resulting from slip and falls is a traumatic brain injury. These events take place when a person strikes their head during a fall. Minor concussions, bumps, or bruising can occur as a result of a fall, but also other more severe injuries, including skull fractures and hemorrhages, are also possible. In serious cases, the patient may suffer from lower brain function, loss of bodily control, and seizures following a head injury.

Broken Bones

Another common injury caused by slip and falls is broken bones. Broken bones are more likely to occur when the person who falls is older. It is worth noting that just because you are older at the time of the accident does not mean that you are less eligible to recover damages as a result of that injury. Arguing that your broken bones are the result of your age will not be a winning strategy for the defendant.

Hip Fractures

Hip fractures can be a severe and debilitating injury. The vast majority of broken hips occur as a result of a fall. In many cases, individuals who suffer hip fractures will require surgery to treat that injury. Long hospital stays and rehabilitative care are also likely consequences of a hip injury. In many cases, victims will have to undergo surgery to have an artificial hip implanted.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries can be severe in many cases and lead to long-lasting and chronic pain. Individuals who suffered soft tissue injuries can also be more likely to sustain an additional injury at a later time. In many cases, these injuries will not present themselves until several days or even longer after the fall. Sprains and torn tendons or ligaments are considered soft tissue injuries. Following a fall, even individuals who believe they did not suffer severe harm should contact a medical provider to check for these types of injuries. Seeking treatment can help reduce the impact of that injury and also help you argue that your injuries are the result of the fall.

Knee Injuries

Knees are complicated, and injuries can require significant treatment, including surgeries. Following treatment for knee injuries, a patient may require rehabilitative care.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord and back injuries can include fractured vertebrae, herniated discs, and other minor or severe injuries. In some cases, individuals may suffer from paralysis as a result of these injuries. Falls cause many spinal cord injuries, including the majority of such injuries for people who are 65 or older. Neck injuries can also lead to paralysis or, in some cases, prove deadly.

Shoulder Injuries

Falls can injure an individual’s shoulders as well, leading to torn nerves, dislocations, and broken bones. Many times, these injuries are the result of a person attempting to catch themselves in the course of a fall.

Causes of Slip and Falls

Slip and fall injuries are often caused by dangerous conditions. Some common hazards that create risks of slip and falls include wet or slippery floors, debris on the floor or the ground, tears in carpeting, poor lighting and cracks in sidewalks. Sometimes, weather-related conditions may also lead to slip and falls, especially if they are not properly taken care of by the owner of the property.

Causes of Slip and Falls

Sometimes people fall through their own clumsiness, but in many cases, property conditions create hazards that can lead to severe and devastating harm. The following are some common causes of slip and fall injuries:

  • slippery floors
  • uneven floors, steps, or sidewalks
  • holes in the ground that are partially covered and difficult to see
  • poor lighting, clutter or debris on the floor or the ground
  • obstacles such as electrical cords, loose mats or rugs

If any of these conditions apply, then the owner or manager of that property might have been negligent in their maintenance. Such conditions are known to create hazards of falls and injuries. If you suffered as a result of dangerous conditions on another person’s property, speak to a Tampa, Florida attorney about your claim.

Liability in Slip and Fall Cases: Are you an invitee, licensee, or trespasser?

In the event of a slip and fall on another person’s property, the reason you were there will determine the level of care the property owner owed to you. For instance, if you were in a shop, restaurant, office, hotel, or grocery store, you will likely be considered an invitee. Invitees are owed the highest level of care and include customers and clients of businesses.

If the property on which you suffered an injury was private, such as a friend’s home, and you were there for a social gathering, then you are likely considered a licensee and will be owed a slightly lesser standard of care. In these situations, the host is still required to maintain a reasonably safe property.

The lowest standard of care is offered to trespassers, who are not supposed to be on the property in the first place. There are still some situations where a trespasser will be owed some level of care. For instance, property owners cannot intentionally cause harm to trespassers or recklessly leave extremely dangerous conditions likely to cause injuries to these individuals.

In many cases, invitees and licensees will have a claim if a property owner knew of a potentially dangerous condition and did not remedy or warn of that condition. If you have questions regarding whether you have a slip and fall claim, contact a Tampa, Florida personal injury attorney.

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