Overloaded Truck Accidents

Large trucks share the road with smaller vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians. Whenever we are on the road, we could potentially come across one of these massive semis. Not surprisingly, when crashes occur between large trucks and other vehicles, the victims tend to be in smaller passenger cars. After all, large commercial semis can weigh 20 to 30 times more than do passenger vehicles. Even in ideal weather and traffic circumstances, the size of these massive vehicles can lead to risks for others. Trucks take far longer to come to a stop than other vehicles, which can result in collisions.

For the victims of large truck crashes, the injuries are often devastating and even deadly. It is important for victims of large truck collisions to understand that they have rights and may be eligible to recover compensation as a result of the harm caused to them. If you were injured in a crash involving a large truck, call the Durham Law Group today at 813-333-6250 to discuss your claim. Our dedicated Tampa truck accident attorneys have experience representing clients who sustained injuries or lost loved ones in devastating and tragic collisions with large commercial vehicles. We know how important it is to you and your family to recover damages that can help cover costs and losses related to that accident.

Truck Weight Regulations and Violations

Large trucks are subject to many regulations, as are their drivers. These massive vehicles weigh tens of thousands of pounds. Regulations require that large trucks, along with their cargo, weigh no more than 80,000 pounds. Of course, 80,000 pounds is enough to do severe damage to other vehicles on the road. The regulations are in place to provide some safety standards relating to these vehicles. If a truck company violates regulations by overloading their vehicles, that company is placing its drivers and other individuals on the road in danger. Overloading a truck can increase the risk of something going wrong. The truck may require additional time to come to a stop, increasing the dangers of rear-end collisions and other accidents. Additionally, there could be a greater danger of the truck overturning, especially if the cargo is not properly loaded and the truck becomes top-heavy. There are several other regulations truck companies must also comply with, and any violations of those regulations may be used as evidence of negligence following a collision.

Proving Liability in a Tampa Truck Crash

Following any car crash, there will often be questions regarding who is at fault. If you were injured and the other driver caused the collision, you will be entitled to collect damages from that other motorist, the other motorist’s insurance company, or in the case of commercial trucks, the company that owns and operates that vehicle. Remember that Florida is a no-fault state, which means in the case of minor crashes, drivers will likely recover for their injuries through their personal injury protection insurance or PIP coverage. However, the $10,000 limit on personal injury coverage provided in those policies will likely fall far short of the necessary expenses related to injuries caused in a large truck crash. After all, given the size of these vehicles, large truck crashes are some of the most severe collisions on the road and can lead to severe traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and fatal injuries. Victims of these collisions may require serious long-term medical care, including surgical procedures, and additional support and assistance. In many cases, victims will also suffer psychological harm and require mental health care. For these reasons, it is important to be able to show that the truck company or driver is liable for the crash. Proving liability will depend on evidence from the crash scene, including witness statements as well as physical evidence. If the truck was improperly overloaded, weighed more than the maximum allowed, or did not undergo proper maintenance, or other violations of trucking regulations existed, that evidence will help you in your case to prove that the truck company was liable for the crash and therefore owes you compensation for your injuries. It is important to find a dedicated and experienced Tampa, Florida car crash attorney in order to ensure that the evidence necessary to prove your case is preserved.

Florida has a statute of limitations that will prevent a person from filing a claim once four years have passed since the date of the collision. In the event of deadly crashes, the statute is limited to two years. Of course, finding an attorney sooner will help you protect the evidence and develop a strategy for your claim.

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